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Happy Birthday, My Dear Friend!


Yes, that’s a picture of my computer.  Never before has a piece of technology so revolutionized my life and the way I do things.  All of my Apple products have lived up to their hype.  Every single one of my expectations has been exceeded.  The simplicity both in ease of use and of design has made using a computer enjoyable again.

It was a year ago today that we took our hard-earned, saved pennies to the Apple Store in Madison to pick this computer up.  Our Dell Windows XP machine was on its last legs.  We *almost* bought another Dell, but then they were out of stock.  We *almost* bought an HP at Best Buy, but then there were too many hidden costs.  After much trepidation (What if it’s difficult to switch?), and much encouragement from my husband, we took the plunge.  The gentleman at the Apple Store was thorough.  He made sure we had everything we needed – and that we had asked all the necessary questions.  It was his mission to make sure that when we got home and plugged everything in that we’d be up and running.

We were impressed from the first start-up.  Moving our files over took all of 30 seconds.  Since then?  Easy.  Easy enough to make the computer fade to the background and let me focus on the task at hand.  And now?  Would I go back to a Windows computer?  Nope.

Since we bought our computer Apple has added the App Store for my Mini meaning Apple is again revolutionizing the way I do things.  It’s making homeschooling a bit easier and cheaper.

It’s been one year to the day since we bought our Mac Mini and it really is a dear and trusted friend…well, at least to the extent that a piece of technology can be anyway.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, My Dear Friend!

  1. Can’t even remember life before Apple!

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