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During the press conference, Prosser touted his narrow win — by a margin of 7,316 votes, or 0.488% out of almost 1.5 million — as a vote of a confidence in him by the voters, against a late campaign by opponents of Gov. Scott Walker to turn the election into a referendum on Walker’s policies.

“Voters want candidates for the Supreme Court to make an honest case for themselves, a positive case, based on experience, performance, judicial philosophy and independence,” said Prosser. “This was a decisive election about judicial independence. The people realized that judges should be much more than partisan politicians who wear black robes. Judges should be impartial in theory and in fact. They should faithfully apply the law without fear, and without favor.”


Also during his remarks, Prosser thanked all his supporters, and all the voters he met who are committed to improving the state, “and to the advancement of conservative values as the way to address and ameliorate our many problems.”

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