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I sat down at the computer this afternoon, before getting distracted a few times, to write a quick post about some of the fascinating things we learned today.  I’ve since discovered that an organization from my past, who I won’t specifically mention…I’ll leave it up to you to make the necessary links, just subscribed to my blog.  I’ve asked this organization by phone and in email numerous times in the last ten years or so to remove us from their contact list – whether it be by email, postal mail, telephone, or in person.  When they sent a representative to our home six years ago I was flabbergasted (and thankful that we weren’t home).  I really shouldn’t be surprised of their actions today.

My understanding in contacting them as many times as we have was that by doing so they would refrain from contacting us again by whatever means presently available or yet to be invented.  I was not aware ten years ago that I was somehow giving them permission to seek us out…for the rest of our lives.

I know that by blogging I have no right to expect privacy.  It’s a bit of the downside of blogging.  On the one hand, it’s given me greater opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.  On the other hand, anyone can read (or subscribe).  Still, given that I’ve gone out of my way to ask them to stop contacting us, I expected that they would cease further attempts to locate us.  It’s beginning to feel like I’m being stalked.

I had pondered not posting today, but by doing so it would be almost as if I were ashamed of what I believe or the things that I have to say.  I’m not.  Ten years ago I was young and naïve. I believed that the truth was something that was black or white with no possibility for ambiguity or shades of gray.  I believed in the organization, in their mission, and in their tactics.  That was ten years ago…and quite a bit has changed.  We have nothing left in common.  Believe me, if I had wanted to stay in touch with them, I would have done so.

I know they’ll receive this email update – they know who they are.  I guess this is my subtle way of suggesting that their attempts to contact us again are unwelcome.

As an aside, in following the nifty clues that WordPress left me, I also located a reference to Bart D. Ehrman’s book, “Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don’t Know About Them).”  Not so ironically, I read Ehrman’s book last year.  I highly recommend it.


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  1. Of all the nerve!!!