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Happy Earth Day! (Tomorrow)

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Yesterday we read  “Uno’s Garden” by Graeme Base for the first time.  I had found it on the Charlie’s Playhouse book list and am happy to report that it was another big hit and will likely be read more times than I’ll be able to count before we have to return the book to the library.  It’s a great lesson in the balance of life and would be a great fit for both science and math.  I can see where families with older children could do quite a bit with this book.  For now, though, the kids are content with looking for the Snortlepig in each picture.  They were disappointed that there was not a Snortlepig at the end.  I can see where some very sensitive children may be upset by this, but it could provide a jumping off point to talk about some of the animals that have gone extinct – the Passenger Pigeon for example.

For this reason, my Earth Day storybook pick is “Uno’s Garden” by Graeme Base.  We’re going to read the book again tomorrow and follow-up with a lesson plan I got from the Earth Day Network on water scarcity (a good addition to what we learned in the toilet unit).

Happy Earth Day (tomorrow)!


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