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Oh the things my kids have learned from PBS

We got our copy of “When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange, and Tetrapods Stalked the Earth” via UPS today. My oldest daughter was reading it while my son and I worked on math. She came across a picture of a Nautiloid (an early relative of the modern-day squid) and tells me all about how it’s like the Michelinoceras. She explains how it would use the tentacles in the front to whoosh water out (with great gusto I might add).

Lo and behold, a quick Google search later, not only is she right, but the nautiloid pictured in the book could very well be the Michelinoceras (or a close relative) as the book covers the Carboniferous period during which the Michelinoceras was alive. Go figure, all those episodes of Dinosaur Train later, she’s actually learning and retaining scientific knowledge.

For extra credit, any guesses from the adults as to why it’s called the Carboniferous period?


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