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On the hunt for ramen

No, not the cheap stuff with the mystery powder that we often bought for the food drives when I was in high school. My deepest apologies, by the way, to the people who had to go to the food pantry where I and my fellow classmates donated what was likely truck loads of cheap crap. We try to be far more compassionate these days and donate only that which we could imagine eating ourselves.

Anyway, back to ramen.

I’m talking about the real stuff…the steaming bowls of brothy goodness – slightly spicy and very savory. At least that’s how I imagine it. I’ve never had real ramen myself, having only ever seen it on TV. I’ve watched Anthony Bourdain eat it. I’ve watched a segment about it on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

I understand that there are ramen restaurants in the US somewhere several hundred miles from where I sit. So, what’s a girl to do? Searching on Google has turned up untold numbers of processed food “recipes,” but very few real ones. One with miso would be a double bonus.

Oh, ramen, where are you?


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