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Just get to the mat

My entire yoga philosophy can be summed up in one phrase, “Just get to the mat.”

I find that if I can just get myself to commit to unrolling my mat and standing in Mountain pose then I find that a Forward Fold follows behind easily. From there comes Downward Dog followed by a little practice in swinging my leg forward into a lunge. From there Warrior 2 is an easy progression and then maybe Triangle? I hate Triangle, but why not? I think I hate having to come out of Triangle before everyone else in class more. Practice makes things easier, so go for it!

Since the yoga studio I loved closed (and the weekly protesting stopped) I’ve spent the last couple of months floundering with the back pain to prove it. There was a point before all hell broke loose in the state where I was going to class three times a week. I loved it. I had never felt better…and haven’t since.

Getting to class is challenging when you have three children, your spouse works a non-traditional shift (and schedule), and all of the classes locally take place on weeknights. Unless, of course, you are a senior citizen interested in “gentle” yoga, by which you should read here, chair based. Paying the class fee is a bit of a stretch as it is, paying a babysitter on top of that is worse…especially if I want to go more than once a week (and will need to pay a babysitter more often than not for all three classes). I love my family, but I can’t ask them to rearrange their lives to watch my kids for free.

If I lived in Madison it would be far easier…there are no shortage of classes or studios that would fit my needs. Heck, one of them is specifically a family studio and includes child care. But I don’t live in Madison and wishing I did won’t change that.

So instead, I go when I can and do what I can, which just means getting to the mat. Committing to unroll it and just stand there, if only for a brief moment. Stop worrying about special clothing, your pajamas will do…you’re at home after all, who is going to see or care? No, it’s not the same, but wallowing in my tears over what was won’t change that…and it does bring me to tears as silly as that seems.

Instead, I focus on my mantra: just get there…the rest will follow.


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