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Rally Saturday


I just got a call from We Are Wisconsin…which reminds me that I need to post the details on Saturday’s Rally. We had planned to be in Greenbush at the Wade House for their “At Work and At Play” special event (my husband had to take the day off back in January for it) so I’m torn just a bit about canceling to go to the rally. Seriously, would the Wisconsin Republicans knock off ruining my plans for once?

We haven’t mentioned it to the kids just yet so we’ll have to ponder this a bit. If we don’t make it to the Wade House this Saturday it’s likely we won’t make it there this year at all which is one of the realities of daily life for this evil public employee family (work has already cancelled or shortened our planned mini-vacations twice this year, but I realistically suspect that it may happen again…the year is still young after all). All things, by the way, that we gladly go through in exchange for a voice at the bargaining table.

…But most of you probably work first shift hours on a Monday-Friday basis so it should be no problem for most. As an extra bonus it’s supposed to be 61 degrees with an only 40% chance of rain! That’s practically tropical compared to protests in February! Even better, if you, like me, live outside of Dane County (unless you’re Walker and then according to his definition I live in Dane County) you could even make a day out of it and visit the farmer’s market beforehand. Mmmmm….cheese curds.

Mark your calendars and make plans to be at the We Are Wisconsin Rally, Saturday, May 14th. Pre-rally events begin at 2:30pm with the full rally at 3:00pm.


2 thoughts on “Rally Saturday

  1. We’re spreading the word at our local coffee shop where we see a lot of folks who have been involved in the rallies. Fred Risser also was in this morning (for coffee) and said that the voter ID bill looks like it will be in place in time for the recall elections! These GOP folks have no shame and certainly no semblance of working for Wisconsin citizens.

    • I read that this morning, though I can’t say as I’m surprised since we now live in Bizzaro World instead of Wisconsin. It’s a shame that there are very few independently minded politicians anymore. We could use a few of those sorts these days!