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Grocery Learnings

I’ve learned a surprising number of things in the last two days. Go figure.

1. Grocery shopping is easier with my iPad app. No need to fumble with pen and paper and I’m less likely to forget things.

2. I did not have to search high and low nor buy a few of my must have items online. Fish roe? Yeah, that’s at Willy St Co-op in Madison and reasonably priced. Beef jerky? Organic, soy-free, low sugar, MSG-free, and nitrate-free store brand at my favorite unionized grocery store for a veritable steal.

3. Sometimes things really are cheaper at the co-op. No, really. The EDLP on broccoli at our local co-op is the same price as conventional broccoli at the grocery store. $7.99 a pound for Texas shrimp at the co-op is a bargain compared to the same stuff at the grocery store fish counter and much fresher. If milk is now $3.12 a gallon and higher (especially if you get Deans which is north of $4), organic at $5.99 from the co-op doesn’t seem so bad. Too bad the stuff at the local co-op was already at the sell by. Salad greens? Even at $6.49 for a pound yesterday it was still far cheaper than the grocery store. As an extra bonus, the stuff I bought yesterday (not at my local co-op) wasn’t already rotting. Still can’t wait for the garden to start producing.

4. My ideal grocery shopping and tracking app still does not exist and it’s a shame I don’t program. Why hasn’t someone come out with a grocery list, meal planner, and price tracker all in one? The increased screen size of the iPad would be ideal for this sort of thing.

5. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save/Amazon Mom program really was too good to be true. The extra savings plus free two-day shipping with Prime is a non-negotiable for me to be willing to sign up for automatic shipments. End that and you make your program not the slightest bit attractive. I spent $142.31 in diapers and other related items plus $41.12 on razor blades/deodorant since February. I was just about to add several more items to the list recently. Sorry Amazon, you lost my business.

Oh, and this one’s not grocery related, but still true. A good haircut really does fix itself!


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