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Then and Now

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Creation as the lynchpin

There’s an underlying assumption here that the world was created in exactly the way the Bible says it was. Granted, not everyone agrees on what that means with some taking a young Earth stance and others allowing for the age of the Earth to be more in line with what science has been able to determine. There’s a wide range of beliefs…a real Baskin Robins. The most notable Fundie point of view, however, is one espoused by a certain individual and his museum in Kentucky. I’m not going to link it and drive traffic to his site. I am confident that you can find all of the information you might need after a quick Google search of your own.

I think the one thing that literalists of all stripes can agree on is the foundational role that their ideas of creation play. In other words, if you believe that the world began in any other way than recorded in the pages of Genesis, you have basically voided anything else that follows. In a nutshell…as it were.

These days? I value the Genesis passages for their literary worth. I do not consider them scientifically accurate – nor do I think that this somehow diminishes the Bible in any way. Creation stories among people throughout history abound for a reason. They are powerful stories that can continue to bring significant meaning without it also having to be “true.” Evolution and spiritual beliefs are not mutually exclusive.

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