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In praise of learning to embrace change

This one’s more difficult. There is a tremendous amount of security in staying with what’s safe. Protect what you have because it brings you comfort. Yet as much as these sorts of conservative goals pacify us, the reality is that’s not realistic. The yoga studio closes, your favorite natural/low tech no-ad toy store closes, your body changes after three children and a few more years down the road. You wake up one morning and your life-long Republican parents are Democrats and Wisconsin is redder than you ever imagined possible.

The thing of it is, while you were busy trying to conserve your ideas about life, the world changed around you. So, here’s to learning to embrace change in whatever way works best for you. I suggest yoga – goodness knows it has given me far more awareness than I ever thought possible. I think the older gentleman who came to our yoga class for the first time tonight probably discovered that as well.



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