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There’s a reason why I’ve voted against Paul Ryan in every election…

…since we moved to his district. Ever since his recent roadmap to ruin was unveiled this year there have been articles in the newspapers about how surprised his loyal supporters are by the move. I believe one woman even made reference to how he “always does what’s right” followed by some hope that something must have gotten in to him. To her, and others like her, I want to ask, “Where have you been? Have you been sleeping all these years?”

That “under the radar” extremism has worked very well for Ryan, who has continually voted against his own constituents’ interests – opposing the extension of unemployment benefits and relief for people whose homes are being foreclosed in his working class district. Now he is a big star in the Republican Party. Veteran NPR reporter, Mara Liasson calls his budget plan “the financial platform of the party.”

But as his extreme views come clear, some of his constituents are getting restless.

“There’s a reason you don’t talk about changing Social Security and Medicare,” says John Heckenlively who ran a poorly financed campaign against Ryan in the last election. “The Republicans have really driven the bus over the cliff on this one.” –from “Budget Chicanery” in the June 2011 “The Progessive”

That should be the take away from Ryan’s last few months in office. My fellow residents in this district should not be surprised by Ryan’s actions in the slightest seeing as they are entirely in line with his Rand-ite way of viewing the world.

Perhaps that’s Ryan’s biggest error…as long as he carried out his plans in secret (well, at least without specifically announcing what he was doing – his actions were always public if you cared to look) he was safe. Maybe now people are paying attention.

Let’s hope so…I don’t think our district can take any more of his Rand-ite ideas.


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