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For Love of Cake

I started a blog for my family members about a year or so back.  I had been enduring a few years of complaints on the part of my in-laws and my sister who lives out-of-state for how infrequently (read here, never) I sent them pictures.  I figured it would be an easy way to share pictures with them without also subjecting them to the shock that might come with our apparent heretical apostasy displayed here in all its wonder and amazement.  I envisioned that it might be a way for them to interact with the children as well as a chance to create a memory book including the pictures, my stories about the events, and the comments from the relatives.

In the end?  Hmmm, not so much.  The only people who ever read it with any regularity were my parents.  You know, the people who live 15 minutes down the highway in the next town over and who see the kids at least once a week (and talk to them on the phone more often than that).  I kept it going so long because I knew my mom enjoyed it (sorry, Mom!) so much and I didn’t relish the thought of breaking her heart.

In the end, though, it just got to be too much to try to think of things to say on two blogs, pick and edit all of the pictures, and then repeat with any regularity.  Big ideas, short on outcome.  I called it quits last week with an allusion to my frustration.  I chuckled when yesterday there was a comment from my mother-in-law about how much she enjoyed the blog and how often she read it.  I’m not doubting her per se, but the lack of comment and statistics on page views told a different story.

I guess it’s a bit like cake.  Sometimes you love the idea of cake more than the cake itself.  Too sweet, too dry, not enough flavor (hello, red velvet).  Other times, you love the cake immensely, but wouldn’t make an entire meal of it.  A great treat.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sitting down to try to work on a turn of phrase or an attempt to represent the abstract with pictures from our daily life, but you really have to love doing it for reasons that reside within yourself, without that the process ends up nothing but sugar, sugar, sugar until your teeth ache and you begin to feel a bit queasy.  Like cake, sometimes the best choice is to push your chair away from the table and go for a walk.


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