Under the Maple Canopy

Singing Union Songs Since 2009

The things I’ve learned

Recently at least.

Just because the hip opening poses give me very little difficult does not mean that I do not have issues with flexibility there. Focusing on just the inner hip flexors does not for balance make.

Back pain is not always about the muscles in your back. See the above paragraph. This is especially true for my flavor of back pain which does not radiate up or down, but which simply spreads out across my lower back. You wouldn’t believe the number of muscles that make up the lower half of your back and abdomen that also cross over from front to back. Balance here being the key. You can’t have a healthy back with out a strengthened core…but that means the entire set of muscles not just a few…and not just on one side.

There are amazing things to learn about the bodies that we take for granted and inhabit every day of our lives. There are so many wonderful things about them and yet some difficult shortcomings after having moved upright so many thousands of years ago. We are most definitely still a work in progress.

Practice. Not such a bad word after all.


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