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New Math Unit

For our family, Sunday marked the beginning of just another work week which did prompt a bit of confusion this morning when I noticed that so many neighbors were out and about. I’m used to this happening on Saturday or Sunday, but Monday during what I figure is still the traditional school year always does give me a moment’s pause! :0)

In honor of the start of a new week, we also started a new math unit. I thought you might appreciate seeing a picture of what our chalkboard looks like now. I had plenty of ideas about how we might use the chalkboard this year – the majority of which did not take place. As always, there’s a difference between what I think is cool, what the kids enjoy, and what I can realistically tackle within the time, resources, and energy available to me.

In the Singapore book 1A they actually only cover the four basic shapes (circle, triangle, square, and rectangle) with a bit of a nod to the more abstract tangrams inspired shapes. I haven’t looked closely to the pages in our Miquon books to see what they cover. Since we’ve already covered shapes extensively in the beginning of the year via our Target dollar section curriculum all of this is mostly review.

I don’t think we’ll likely cover any of the other shapes in too much depth, but my son has gotten quite a kick out of them on the board already. I like that they reinforce counting in order as the number of sides increases on the majority of shapes by one. His only complaint is that I didn’t color all of the shapes in. As an extra bonus, with their names written below them we’ll work in extra phonics and writing practice. I predict given a few moments in the mornings with pencil and paper that he’ll take to writing their names on his own. It works much better that way. If I suggest it I end up with quite a bit of resistance, but if left to his own devices the words literally fly.

At first I considered purchasing a set of Tangrams or even creating my own. In the end I purchased a $1.99 app for the iPad called My First Tangrams HD. I figured it was cheaper and would fill the youthful enthusiasm for all things touch screen. I think it’s probably cheaper than I could make our own and it will make a nice addition to the educational apps that we already have. Even though we’ve moved on to a new unit, that doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving addition and subtraction behind. In lieu of the customary timed tests, we’re working on memorizing facts through games like Math Bingo, Rocket Math, and Math Drills.

I’ve also settled on continuing our leisurely pace throughout the summer. We’ll keep on with math and science slowly but surely with lots of writing and reading practice sprinkled through. Oh and lots of time off to play, play, play. We’ve got a good thing going and I’d rather not struggle to get back in gear after an extended period of time off.


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