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It’s actually Saturday now, but I’ve been sitting here since Friday

In total I think it was something near four hours or so (good thing there’s a yoga class tomorrow).  I had been keeping my eye on the total number of hours we’ve done schooling and noticed that the schedule tracker was putting the number of days left at less than a month.  I figured it would be a good time to readjust my lesson plans so that we could wrap up a few things by the time Kindergarten draws to a close.  I also added in a few things from the First Grade pile just to easily round out our 875 hours.  I had to do a bit of readjusting to some of the entries I had made in the First Grade database along the way – thankfully far fewer than I thought I would.

I have my books piled up and ready for Sunday (which is our Monday).  One part Kindergarten, one part First Grade practice run should make for an interesting final 15 days of school.  We’re actually wrapping up an entire week earlier than I thought we would.  The following week will mark the beginning of First Grade which may start kind of slow to accommodate for a couple of resources that I don’t have yet (or aren’t available).

I can’t believe that Kindergarten is almost over…it seemed like such a long time when I sat here last year and planned things out.  Planning wise the second time around was much easier…I’m hoping that’s true for everything else along the way!  :0)


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