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The third one

My son just lost his third tooth…a year or so from the very first loose tooth. So far it’s been both bottom teeth plus now the first top tooth. It’s a traumatic experience ever single time with plenty of tears. We spent quite a bit of time explaining to him that he’s supposed to loose his baby teeth tonight over his objections that they’re supposed to stay in.

I even tried explaining that the Tooth Fairy had heard about his loose tooth and had sent me several emails asking if it had fallen out yet. If we don’t encourage him otherwise, though he let’s it stay in there so long it’ll fall out without warning only to have him swallow it. After agreeing to let my husband wiggle it, the tooth came out complete with lots of tears. *sigh* I thought kids liked loosing their teeth and getting money for it.

I let him know that I would email the Tooth Fairy and let her know (did you know she’s high-tech now?) and then put the tooth in a jar in the kitchen counter for her to pick up. In the meantime…I have several books requested from the library about loose teeth. There are plenty of teeth left to come out of that child’s mouth to go through this every time.


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