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Me too

We have reached the stage of “me too.” Ok, that’s not quite right. As long as you are a parent of more than one child, you will always be in the stage of “me too.” It’s just that it has become more pronounced these days as Miss L takes ever the greater interest in doing “dool” just like her brother. I had been able to keep her occupied up until now with coloring supplies. I’ve also tried to include her in just about everything that her brother and I are doing.

Still, there are some exceptions, namely some of the seat work, for which she is excluded. Sometimes, when the coloring has become boring, I have to ask her to go sit quietly and read a book or play quietly on her own because she is becoming distracting. More often than not, I am met with her big brown eyes looking back at me with the saddest expression and maybe even a few tears. I could see that I was going to need to do something about this.

With Mr. J we never needed anything for preschool. We just kept right on playing just like we had every other day. Then again, we weren’t homeschooling an older sibling yet. I briefly considered a preschool curriculum, but most of them…no, all of them that I found for homeschoolers were overtly Christian in a Fundie way. Nope, that won’t work.

Of the very few that might be possible, most were far outside of my price range. I’m already stretching the budget by buying so many of the resources for Mr. J’s First Grade curriculum as it is. Enter the $8 Preschool workbook from Mead. I got it from Target this morning and it it’s the bill perfectly. Yes, it’s still just glorified coloring, but she loves it. There are special directions for us to read together and a little bit of help from me along the way. Perfect.


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