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Things I’m thankful for right now…

For special purchases, like my iPad, that while far fewer than so many other families are still treasured and appreciated.

Weather Apps for the iPad that enable this TV-free to keep up with the weather and watch the radar.

Air-conditioning that works so that while the house is shut up after this last stretch of hot weather, it’s still cool and the thunderstorm headed our way is far less noisy and thus less likely to wake small children up.

Peter Reinhart and his ability to make even uncertain bread bakers like me more confident.

Fat Daddio’s bowl scraper.

Suzanne over at Chickens in the Road for inspiring this recently announced cooking avoider to begin thinking about cooking again.

Overtime and my workhorse husband who’s willing to keep working it.

The value of money and children who are both willing to wait and to help out around the house to earn it.

That my children have such simple wishes. I’ve always appreciated that have seldom, if ever, thrown a fit in the toy aisle at the store because they didn’t get something.

That a bag of popcorn at Target and a stop in the book aisle is among the more special parts of their week.

That at least they like my pancakes.


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