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For they that sow the wind


This state is my home. I’ve lived here just about my entire life. It’s inextricably linked with my identity. It’s very terrain imprinted in my DNA. I am no fair weather citizen, but it’s quickly becoming a place I no longer recognize. It’s a bit like we’re married, me and my state, but I have fallen out of love.

I don’t recognize her anymore and the most vocal of my neighbors are like aliens to me. When did they get this way? Are they from out of state? When did they become so vicious? When did it become acceptable to stand on Highway 26 in Janesville with a sign that shows Obama to be Hitler in November and then claim the mantle of adulthood and civility in January?

I blame you, Scott Walker. Without you, they would have likely remained the less than sane outliers in political discourse in our state. Others would have ignored them – it would be the Wisconsin way – but you mainstreamed them. You fan the flames and make it acceptable to unleash the dehumanizing vitriol. Indeed, you set the example by using it yourself.

You are entitled to seek out your own ridiculous agenda. Indeed, many governors have before you, but you’re missing the critical qualities that make a leader. Cooperation, the ability to listen, and the talent for soliciting the input of others (even when they disagree with you). I want to believe you have the ability…the evidence seems to point to the contrary.

Instead, it seems an entire batch of political game players are hell bent on destroying the very system from the inside out. Perhaps they that claim to love the Bible when it is politically expedient would be wise to remember: “They that sow the wind, shall reap a whirlwind.”

Where are the actual adults in the legislature…you know, the ones not afraid to vote on their own when it’s the right thing to do?

State before party. People before ideology. Civility instead of power.


3 thoughts on “For they that sow the wind

  1. You’ve said it all. Thought of you when my husband (who retired in Nov. after 34 years as a state employee) and I, along with his sister (an elementary school teacher) and a friend (school nurse), went up for yesterday’s protests. We were listening to speeches when they announced the Wi Supreme Court decision. So demoralizing. The upside was a beautiful day, a goodly number of folks on hand at the Capitol and the knowledge that there are lots of us out there who are not yet ready to give up or give in.

    • Thank you for your thoughtfulness! I wish that we had been there, but the thought of keeping track of three small children on my own is always more than I think most parents can handle. It certainly would have been nicer to have heard about it there than from my husband over the phone.

      These days I find myself thinking back to the display at the Historical Society museum where they showcase Wisconsin’s Progressive reformers. I can’t help but wonder how future generations will memorialize this time period in the museum.

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