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Ok, so I remember back from my Evangelical days that we were obsessed with “relevant” music to our culture and I think I vaguely remember someone at some point reworking popular songs in order to make them “worship” worthy.  I don’t know as there’s ever really a context where this is a good idea.

Then I came across this video:

And I’m really glad I wasn’t at the moment drinking anything or it would have likely ended up all over my computer monitor.  See…I listen to commercial radio on occasion when I’m by myself in the car or up working in the kitchen at night after the kids go to bed.  It makes canning or pea shelling or strawberry pureeing go by just a tad bit easier.

Now, I don’t know for sure when this particular video was made and the song has been released a bunch of times by a gaggle of artists.  Still, they do know what the original song is about…right?  Granted, earlier versions of it were far tamer than the one in 2009 (absolutely NSFW, lyrics for those who’d rather read them), but both versions really are about the same thing.

For the record, I’m laying most of the usual arguments about this sort of thing aside.  I have absolutely no interest in them and think they are mostly a distraction.  Evangelical churches – like all the other ones before them – are not losing people because they aren’t hip enough or seeker sensitive enough.  If declining numbers is your problem, you have far bigger fish to fry than superficial “relevance.”  Be that as it may, if you still insist upon “redeeming” songs, or whatever you want to call it, go ahead!  Just please, skip the ones about sex.  No matter how you try to reframe it, we’re hearing the other one in our heads.


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