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Yoga Score

Out here in the outskirts of Madison…because as you know, Rock County is just part of Madison because all of the push back from Walker’s craziness is a “Madison thing”…getting to a yoga class can be a bit challenging.

If I actually lived in Madison, I would have no shortage of choices when it comes to Yoga classes. There’s even one studio that would take care of the whole childcare issue for me. But, at the very least, it would be more likely that I could find a class to fit my husband’s wonky schedule.

Ever since my favorite Yoga studio closed I have just about begged and pleaded with the local teachers to please do a Saturday morning class. One teacher tried, but it was short lived. The rest were less than easy to get a hold of.

Then, the other day while perusing websites of the few local studios, I discovered that there is in fact a Saturday morning class that just started this month. It almost makes up for the babysitter bailing on me for the only other class I was able to make with regularity.

I can assure you that my family is likely more thrilled about this than I am. I think they like me better when I get to class.

This will also be helpful during my last push to get lesson plans for First Grade (and Preschool for my “me too” child) squared away.


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