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Just finished

I just finished entering the lesson plan for our First Grade history curriculum into our online lesson planning software. It really wasn’t too bad as it was mostly a data entry task. There were a few things I had to research along the way when links were broken or an activity didn’t seem like it would work for our family. Still, I’d say it was somewhere around 8 hours worth of work to cap off what has been a several month journey to gather all of the necessary resources.

Of course, I still have to create the timeline figures since I decided not to buy the pre-made ones, but once I get the formatting down I think that task will fly by.

And yes, Science is still a bit nebulous at this point. I have a general idea in mind as to the flow of study and I did purchase a pre-made unit study for the Astronomy portion, but I wanted start with the Big Bang which means I need to get at least a few pre-Astronomy lessons made. No, I haven’t planned out what happens after Astronomy. I know we’ll give an overview of the formation of the earth before flowing into the beginning of life. Evolution will be fairly easy as we’re going to use a pre-made unit study for that as well, but there’s still the bit after to fill in.

While there is some work I can get done with all of that before the big shipment from our homeschool vendor arrives, there’s even more work ahead once the box hits my doorstep. I know I’ll be re-teaching sections of the math curriculum that it seems Mr.Silly hasn’t quite understood as well as I like just yet. There’s at least some degree of pondering required there.

I’m not even going to think about the Pre-K stuff for Brown Eyes. Yes, yes, yes. I know so many of my fellow homeschoolers here will chime in to say the Pre-K is unnecessary. On the other hand? They really should take that up with the teary little girl who is chomping at the bit to get started. I’m doing my best to remind myself, as my husband so often reminds me, that it’s not pushing when the child is prompting. Delaying academics has it’s place, but not at the expense of an interested child. Go with it!

Ok, so that’s a lot. Did I mention the big basket full of green beans I haven’t gotten to And the bathroom that needs cleaning?

No? Just as well. I’m going to choose to focus on the things I just finished. Seems to me that’s a worthy thing to celebrate.


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