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Seriously Geeky

I’m not sure who will learn more this year…me or the kids.  I think it might be a sign that I’m  seriously geeky, but I was going through the list of places we’d like to visit this school year – which invariably includes more than a few museums.  One of the museums that’s high on my list is the Field Museum in Chicago.  I felt a little bit like a giddy school kid as I went through all of the exhibits they have.  Some of them I remember from visits I made when I went to school in Chicago and others are brand new (to me).  Then, as I went through the map of the museum and checked off all of the exhibits that match with our course of study this year (The Ancient Americas, Evolving Planet, Dinosaur Hall, the 10th Anniversary Sue exhibit, Inside Ancient Egypt, Whales: Giants of the Deep), and…well, I think that just about solidifies it.

Seriously.  Geeky.


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