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17 pounds and it’s all here

My husband and I spent the night away from our children for the first time in a little over four years. It was quiet….and wonderful.  I even forgot ever so briefly how noisy they are.  By the time we had everyone collected and back home I noticed there was a box on the front step.  All of the curriculum is finally here and the big work can begin as I translate all of that into manageable chunks.  I’m going to work on the easiest ones first which means the lessons for penmanship practice come first.

Of course, along the way I discovered that Indiana will no longer be teaching cursive to their students. Apparently there is not enough time to teach both typing and handwriting.  Never-mind the fact that there are scientific studies out there that show that there are other ways in which handwriting benefits developing brains.  In short, handwriting is more than just a method of communication.  In fact,

[t]he benefits of gripping and moving a pen or pencil reach beyond communication. Emerging research shows that handwriting increases brain activity, hones fine motor skills, and can predict a child’s academic success in ways that keyboarding can’t.

Sad.  More NCLB inanity, no doubt, as our public school teachers spend more time teaching to tests and less time developing well-rounded members of society.  As for our family?  We’ll continue with penmanship practice, thank you very much.  First with some manuscript practice and review while transitioning into cursive this Spring.


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