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Course Correction


As I was settling into the bliss that was my near finished planning for the coming school year (have I mentioned that we begin again in just a few short weeks?) there was this nagging feeling about Science. I have a big plan in mind – following from the Big Bang to the appearance of humans with stops along the way for astronomy, evolution, and dinosaurs. Then again, maybe we’ll only make it as far as the dinosaurs.

Anyway, I have all these pieces – some more complete than others – but when it comes to the very beginning I’m anxious that it’s incomplete. I’m inspired by the Montessori Great Lessons and The Big History Project, but what I have is just not measuring up.

I suppose some might say the kids are too young for something like this, but I think they’re going to love it. What could be more inspiring than the wide-eyed wonder that one gets when approaching big things like this?

I need a better scaffolding to hang things on and I need to revamp the first few weeks of history as well so I can fit in a general survey of the many different origin stories from around the world and across time. This is going to be a lot of work for this late in the game. I need more books and the school budget is empty at the moment. I need more time to wrap my head around this.

…and I need to do the dishes.


2 thoughts on “Course Correction

  1. Planning makes me panic- probably has something to do with the procrastination 🙂 Thanks for sharing about your planning process too!

    • I chuckled when I read your comment. I tend towards procrastination – always have. When I was in college and dating my now husband, he would often know when I was supposed to be working on something because I was extra chatty. I plan with the idea that there will be less panic when it comes to doing the actual schooling, but sometimes I think it actually creates its own class of anxiety. Sometimes my best laid plans don’t exactly work out as I thought they would and the spontaneous stuff is far richer than you’d think possible.

      I don’t think that I realized how time consuming just getting to the homeschooling part would be. Good luck in your planning and thanks for stopping by! :0)