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Brilliance in a nutshell

This one is a comment written on a completely unrelated post in response to someone who was insisting that Libertarians and members of the Tea Party are not the same thing. After going through the list of reasons why they are in fact the same thing, there was this beautiful paragraph that was indeed brilliance in a nutshell:

They’d still be a horrible person. Completely warped by their own privilege and unable to understand or be even remotely sympathetic to the oppression of others. Deliberately blind to oppression by any other force than governmental. And trained in the suite of Ayn Rand morals, which are so famously bad, that Ayn Rand trying to live by them ended up praising a serial killer as the living embodiment of her principles and wrote a book glorifying rape and creating a series of “anti-government and community-organizing” books that even in their fictional world of straw organizations relied on the main heroes bandying together for their mutual goods and forming their own governmental structure.

There was more, but even if there wasn’t this paragraph would be enough.  No, seriously, I’m in love. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear commenter for summarizing the last few years for me.


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