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Sunday Ponders

Chuckling over my oldest, the somewhat picky eater, who digs up onions from the garden, peels off the skins and eats them layer by layer like a piece of fruit, but won’t touch something like carrots or zucchinis or cucumbers.  Nothing to do with the rest, but the highlight of my day nevertheless.

Mulling over the ideas of what next:

  • What happens when the answers provided by literalist Bible reading Christianity are no longer compelling, the questions no longer applicable or interesting, and the behavior of the most devout is less generous, graceful, compassionate, or attractive than the “lost?”
  • Why so much of the “logic” and “reasons” for belief sound ever the more like circular arguments when you are no longer immersed in the culture from which they rise.
  • Why the future of Christian faith seems to reply upon ever the more sheltered existence.  Perhaps this leads into number one?  That when one finds themselves surrounded on all sides by a wide variety of faiths, beliefs, and existences the exclusivity of belief becomes more difficult, the threads of stories become more similar and the arguments against it all seem so desperate.

All spurred on by this article, months of reading, and a particularly contentious 2011 that made those who I used to believe had the answers, had lives worth emulating, and echoed God’s words no longer appealing.  What once sounded like love now echoes more like hate.

Mostly, mulling archetype and finding peace.


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