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Getting lost

I was reading about what other homescholing families use for “school” – dedicated room or kitchen table – when I came across a link. What followed was easily an hour worth of oohs and ahs over the possibilities. See, while our house isn’t huge, it isn’t overly small either. It’s one of those mid-century homes built in the heyday of the middle class when furniture was smaller and people had less stuff. I maintain that it isn’t that I need a larger house, I just need a better way to utilize the space we have.

Enter ana-white.com. I called my husband right after I found it which was met with mild enthusiasm. I don’t think he was able to quite picture why I was so excited, but when he got home from work and I began to show him the myriad of things I had put on his honey-do list, he was beginning to get the picture. By the time lunch time today came around he was adding to the list and showing how he envisioned the rooms looking.

See, we’ve really only ever bought less than ten pieces of furniture (aside from mattresses). Everything else we have was either bought second hand, were hand-me-downs, or were gifts. Don’t get me wrong – I love what we have and am incredibly grateful.

The flip side of this is that while our piece together furniture strategy worked well when the kids were younger, the addition of our third child coupled by the fact that my kids insist on growing makes the lack of multi-room floor space common among newer homes keenly felt. If I could just have a few bookshelves and desks for the kids. And what about some kind of modular thingy in our room? But, have you seen the prices of anything that will withstand the hurricane that is our family? Yeah…

Ana-White.com is going to fit the bill nicely. We’re even going to suggest that instead of more stuff this Christmas, loving grandparents and other relatives consider lumber store gift cards. After all, the kids have their own wish list too!


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