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New LGBTQA Resource in Rock County

We were in Janesville the other day on our way downtown when we drove past a BIG sign for the Ruby Project.  I made my husband turn around so that I could make sure I read the sign right.  I couldn’t believe my eyes – you mean there’s finally something really visible like this in Rock County?  I quickly jotted down their website so that I could look it up when I got back home. Sure enough, The Ruby Project is exactly what I thought it was (and about time!).

Per their website, “The main purpose of The Ruby Project is to serve the LGBTQA community in and around Janesville, Wisconsin. There are some great programs and services outside of Janesville but not a heck of a lot IN Janesville.” It was started by a woman named Kelley, a foster mom who was always frustrated as she tried to locate resources that “she could direct kids to, so she decided instead of complaining about it, she’d do something about it…and The Ruby Project was born.”  They will be focusing on LGBTQ youth while also reaching out to people no matter their age.

You can learn more about The Ruby Project including their message board, support groups, calendar of events, and ways that you can help by going to their website at www.therubyproject.us.

Absolutely long overdue – another bright spot in an otherwise difficult year!


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