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Me to the kids, “I have a surprise.”

Of course, like many moms my surprise was dependent upon a few conditions. Mainly? Y’all have to clean up in an expeditious manner. Like, say, cleaning up in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of hours.

The kids were eager to take me up on the offer and literally cleaned up in less than 15 minutes flat. Then on to the bath for the younger two. Clean hair, clean bodies, clean pajamas. I told my son to skip the shower and instead focus on finishing cleaning up. He was oddly helpful as he decided he’d be responsible for combing the baby’s hair. They were even more surprised when I asked them to put their shoes on and headed on out to the garage. I imagine at that point they were beginning to wonder where the crazy woman was taking them.

At the mention of a bike for my son and the big Chariot for my daughters, their eyes began to shine. They were even patient as I hunted down the bike pump for the Chariot’s tires. Finding it took far longer than I thought. My oldest daughter is the one who spotted it which seems more than a little funny. That girl can’t find her water bottle when it’s a foot in front of her face.

We headed out with the kids hollering out directions along the way. First my son from his bike then my daughter from the stroller. Her only request was that we keep going straight. I suspect we’d still be out there right now if I hadn’t overruled her at one point.

They all had a blast – the girls from their cushy seats complete with screening to keep those pesky mosquitoes out. My son as he easily outpaced me and I had to run/walk just to keep up.

My new shoes, socks, and insoles plus a frozen pop bottle helped keep the pain down and I found it easy to remember just how fun getting out with the kids can be. No fighting, no whining, not screaming. Activity for my son as I try to encourage he form an active lifestyle (or rather keep the one he has by nature of less screen time and a fenced in back yard) and the cicadas on a warm summer evening.

Yoga can only take me so far and sometimes it’s out of the question…like tonight with my headache which downward dog would only make worse. I’m pondering a 5k and tonight has me thinking that maybe, just maybe I could do it. Maybe the training program isn’t so far out of my reach after all.

Good stuff.


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