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The De-Conversion

I have a routine in the morning. After taking care of my alarm clock’s needs (and in case it isn’t clear, my alarm clock is a small person), there’s a brief moment where I wonder what it would be like if my kids could sleep past 6am followed by a few fleeting thoughts as I consider going back to sleep.

Before getting out of bed, however, I have found that stretching my feet makes for a far less painful first step. While I do that, I’ll visit a few blogs – some by reader and some by page. In some cases the comments are just about as interesting as the posts themselves.

This morning I got to experience another step in my de-conversion process as I saw a Christian get all angered by the fact that the right to display a Confederate flag (at BJU in a student dorm window) was compared to displaying a rainbow flag. The idea was that the rainbow flag would probably be taken down far quicker.

The Christian in question, though, was offended because “homosexuality is emphatically prohibited in the sacred scriptures whereas state’s rights are not.”


See, that’s the thing, if “they will know you are Christians by your love” is held up as some kind of standard and the idea is somehow that one’s witness is how their salvation has changed their lives….that somehow Christians in general and Evangelicals in particular are supposed to have lives that make people want to “make decisions for Christ” then this is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in person and most certainly have not seen this year.

This kind of stuff going down in the comment section on one blog happens everywhere amongst believers in multiple ways everyday. It’s been one thing after another as I travel down the long path to de-conversion.

It’s been the hardest thing for me to accept…I had really thought they were better than that. Turns out I just wasn’t paying attention.


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