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9-9-9 and the Horrors of Grocery Shopping


There’s a certain Presidential candidate that thinks that a 9% national sales tax is a fantastic idea and from my understanding, this will apply to groceries.  Groceries.  As if the inflating prices on food these days isn’t bad enough ($4.99/lb for bacon?  I remember when it was $2.79/lb and that wasn’t all that long ago). Can you imagine adding 9% on top of that?  I can’t imagine how I would swing that let alone how those families who have even less than we do.

I hated grocery shopping before.  Hated it.  Hated meal planning.  Hated getting to the checkout and realizing just how much over budget I was and how very little I had in the cart.  I’ve been priced out of the co-op.  Grassfed is out of the question as are organics.  Forget roasts – these are NOT cheap.  Forget multi-ingredient recipes – who can afford all of that?  I don’t feel up to this challenge – hence why I find myself staring at a blank page more often than not as I struggle with just how I’m going to feed everyone.

I pay my bills on time.  I’ve tried to be responsible.  I own a modest home.  We drive used cars with high mileage.  We don’t go on vacation.  We don’t have cable.  We don’t have smartphones.  I hardly ever buy myself clothing.  How am I going to feed my family?

I have to be living in an alternate universe.  I simply cannot believe the ridiculousness that serves as our national discourse.  I am unable to fathom to the level or privilege exhibited along with the lack of basic empathy or human decency.  Really….how much lower can they go?


2 thoughts on “9-9-9 and the Horrors of Grocery Shopping

  1. I heard a suggestion that we should use that 9-9-9 number as our impetus to collect the needed recall signatures (plus extras) in 9 days, 9 hours and 9 minutes to show someone what those numbers really stand for!