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Mom, I’m going to write a story.


Today marks the first time ever that my oldest has expressed interest in writing a story. He’s not been interested in dictation nor any attempts I’ve made to prompt him. I guess all these hours we’ve spent with read-alouds for the last four months is actually paying off. It’s short and the first sentence has an extra word, but for a very first attempt? Not bad. Oh, and yes he did have some spelling assistance from yours truly.

“Girl Group”

Once for the little girl was really horrible because her Mom didn’t buy presents for Christmas. Snap her mom said you are not getting any thing for Christmas.

Edited to add: The writer has told me that his story is called “Girl Group” because the mom is in the third group of mean moms. You’ll be as glad as I am to know that I am not in any of the mean mom groups. The daughter’s name is Snap, which my son thinks is very funny.

I was a bit perplexed at why the mom seemed so mean, but then it dawned on me that we’re currently reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” for our read-aloud right now.  If you’ve ever read Harry Potter, you’ll remember that the Dursleys treat Harry pretty terribly – especially when it comes to Christmas and birthdays.  I think that’s where he got the idea.

I have also been informed that he will be writing another story, but this one is going to be three pages next time.  Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that we’re making progress and that more often than not his biggest leaps happen when I back off.

Well, that and we’ll need twice the number of read-alouds as I thought we would for this school year.  We’ll finish the first Harry Potter book in just over a week.


2 thoughts on “Mom, I’m going to write a story.

  1. Cannot wait to hear those words from my son’s lips. He is seven and he detests writing, but he is slowly getting better. Congrats on getting through to yours!

    • Thanks! :0) Although, it was definitely all him. We haven’t really ever broached the topic of writing. We’ve done mostly copywork and a WHOLE lot of read-alouds. We briefly tried “Writing with Ease” and “First Language Lessons,” but ditched them as I discovered we both really hate them. Hopefully you’ll find something that works for your reluctant writer.