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I’m a bit late to the Harry Potter party given that I only just began to read the first book last month with the kids while the last book in the series was published four years ago (and the last movie already came out this summer).

The kids and I finished the first one within a week or so. Much of our days were spent with me reading three or more chapters a day to the chorus of, “Just one more, Mom.” Given that I once worried over whether my oldest would ever learn to love books, what mom could say no to that?

My husband had already read all of the books and seen most of the movies – on his own as I hate suspenseful movies unless I already know how they turn out. He was thrilled that we were reading something that he took a shared interest in – our taste in books, movies, and music has often diverged.

I bought the second book on Amazon and we’ve been working our way through it as well – albeit a little bit slower this time. I had planned on reading the books with the kids so that we could discover the story together, but that changed when I read the second one on my own the night it arrived. We went to Madison last week to pick up the rest of the books in the series at Half Price Books.

In the span of less than a week I read through the rest of the series – books three through seven. That probably sounds a bit crazy, but while most people were involved at school with friends or activities, I was at home reading. Books were my dear friends and I had quite a bit of practice. To say that I love to read would be an understatement. It’s a bit like breathing and every once in awhile, you strike gold as an author ignites your interest with something you just can’t put down.

In all it’s a bit bittersweet to be done. There really was no question that I would read through each one in quick succession. I had to know how things would end. On the other hand, now that I’m finished, it feels like I’ve said good-bye to a good friend.

My husband and I have watched every movie but the last one, but we’ll watch it tomorrow night and then that will really be the end. I feel a bit lost at this point. I have a few books in the pile to read, but in comparison I feel less than inspired to open them up.

Sure, the kids and I are still working our way through book number two, but then there’s really only one left that I feel confident we can read together at their age and then it feels like we should stop. The fourth book seems a bit intense for them – at least that’s where I felt a shift in the books and not all that surprising as that’s also when Voldemort returns. Still, more than any of the books the kids and I have read together since June (six chapter books in five months), putting the series aside with them will be a bit sad. Mostly, I wish I had started to read them sooner. There would have been something nice about the forced waiting period between books.

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter was the most enjoyable fiction series that I’ve read in a long time. Which should say quite a bit since I’ve been reading non-fiction books almost exclusively for at least the last five years. I just hadn’t been inspired. I loved her characters as they were chock full of the complexities inherent in us humans and all of the mess we bring along.

I’m back to where I was, though. There are no books left in the series and I have yet to be inspired by another.


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