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From the WISGOP statement in response to the United Wisconsin announcement this evening:

This recall effort is a baseless power-grab being pushed on Wisconsin families by liberal special interests. Despite the Democrats attempts to generate false momentum in their never ending effort to score political points, Wisconsin families are only interested in moving our state forward. We remain focused on Governor Walker’s common-sense reforms that have laid the ground work for economic growth, and our economy only continues to improve.

This may surprise the WISGOP, but I am both a Wisconsinite and a mother of three children. We are one of those Wisconsin families that they claim to be speaking for.  They are right, we are interested in moving our state forward, but unlike them, when we say “FORWARD,” we mean it.

As best as I can figure the WISGOP lives in Opposite Land where forward means backward to somewhere around 1941.

Oh, and by the way, I love the “and our economy only continues to improve” part.  You mean like this?  We lead the nation in job losses and the difference was statistically significant.  Apparently in Opposite Land they are also either delusional or liars.


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