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Wisconsin Born and Bred

I resent this idea that I am not from Wisconsin or that my voice does not count.  I’m more Wisconsin than Scott Walker could ever hope to be.  Unlike Scott Walker, I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  The geography of this state has been imprinted on my very essence.  When I think of home, regardless of where I may have been in my college years, Wisconsin was always the first thought in my head.  It’s a connection I cannot explain for it has always been so.  Perhaps if Scott Walker had been born here, he might understand better what this means.

Instead, he’s quick to discount those of us who have stood up against the things he’s doing in the state as being from “out-of-state.”  Maybe out West, they do things differently, but here in Wisconsin, we have a fine Progressive tradition that was the model for the very society so many of us have enjoyed all these years.

It’s time to return to our Progressive roots, to move Forward as our motto commands, and most especially to finish what we started.  It’s time to Recall Walker and you can help.

  • To print out your very own petition, go to the United Wisconsin website.
  • You can volunteer to collect signatures in your community or at your local recall office.  To search for one in your area head on over here.
  • Buy Union!  November 25-December 2 is Buy Union Week.  In honor of both the recall effort and this important week, you can purchase union-made recall gear over at Stand With Wisconsin.

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