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Sunday Quotables – Douglas C. Vest

Someone wrote
twelve decades ago,
“Scratch the Christian and you’ll find
the pagan – spoiled.”

I hope that insight
continues true!
Not the spoilage part,
but pagans restored in amity
with avowedly religious folks
who harden words
to label others
who are “different.”

There was an era –
centures, in fact –
when sites of worship were adorned
with figures strange to modern eyes:
The Green Man,
sculpted with a human face
wreathed in leaves and viny stems,
intended in agrarian times
to express the harmony –
no, utter dependency –
of humankind on nature,
asking of the former
honor for the latter.

With pastoral wisdom,
cathedrals welcomed Green Men
as ceilinged decorations
bridging visually
dogmas of humankind’s enacting
and nature of divine begetting.

– Douglas C. Vest, “Entering the Mystery: Lectio on Life


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