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Happy Birthday, Birthday Boo!

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I have been telling all of Boo’s loved ones that she is obsessed with Sesame Street, but I don’t think any of them really understood what I meant until very recently.  December is the month of Boo’s birthday.  She and my Mom just about share a birthday – or rather they would have if she had been born 40 minutes sooner.  Now, they share a birthday party which means that Nana this year had an Elmo birthday cake.

The birthday cake was one of several moments when Boo practically hyperventilated with excitement.  Umm, Elmo lovers might want to look away now.

Don’t worry, he was tasty.  Still, I think Boo was a little bit disappointed that she didn’t get all of Elmo’s face on her piece.  She made her Dad cut it up and then searched frantically through the pieces as if she was looking for him.

Then there was watching her new DVD of this particular character:

Which lead to even more hyperventilating.  I don’t think anyone is going to forget just how much Boo loves Sesame Street any time soon.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boo!


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