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Not Reading

Lately we’ve been spending time not reading, which probably sounds pretty normal for most folks.  A few other folks might think I’m doing my children a disservice by not reading to them for X number of minutes every day.  However, given that the kids and I have read something like 754 pages together (just counting Harry Potter, not all the other reading we have done or that my son has done on his own) since October 28th for roughly 125 pages a week, I think we’re fairly well covered.

That’s not even including the roughly 9000 pages that I’ve read in the last month (not a typo, I read through the entire Harry Potter series twice).  We have, as a family, what I would consider marathon reading sessions.  It is not unusual for the kids to have me read them four or five chapters in one sitting which makes this short break rather nice.

Last night doing something else ended in a small stack of handkerchiefs for the Birthday Boo.  This is one of those super quick and easy projects.  Aside from the brief moment of concentration while I line up the ruler to cut the fabric, it requires zero thought.  Once I get the presser foot on the machine changed and the thread loaded, my mind can wander as I listen to music or get lost in the drone of the machine.  I don’t think you can get much easier than two layers of flannel (especially since I don’t even pre-wash the fabric!).

I also knocked out a few invitations for our Winter Solstice Eve party after a brief flash of inspiration over dinner.  It’s supposed to look like a sun rising over the hills – use your imagination.

No sewing done on this one, but I did iron this small piece of what will one day be the altar cloth for our mantle.  Looking at my fabric choices now, I’m not as thrilled with it as I was when I picked the fabric out a few weeks ago.  I’m hoping to get it made before Spring.

My husband has not been left out in the creativity department.  Thanks to Ana White the kids will have some pretty nifty bedroom furniture complete with much-needed storage space.  These are the pieces to what will soon be my youngest daughter’s bed which will one day soon be joined by the second bed and the corner hutch pictured at the link.  From there he’ll be working on a loft bed for our son followed by a riff on the craft table at Ana White, but with a much larger top and a bracket to hang a roll of paper on to become a much-needed art table for all of us.

I love all of the projects and look forward to their completion, but I think I’m looking forward to the new art table the most.


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