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Making Money…


…by selling things back to Amazon.

It used to be I’d lug the books we no longer wanted up to Madison to see what Half Price Books would offer me. Now an hour or so work online by entering in ISBNs and I’ve made around $60. Amazon pays for shipping (and return shipping if the item does not meet their quality standards) and I just have to arrange for packaging.

Amazon then goes through my order once it’s received on their end before crediting my Amazon account directly with the money. I’ll turn that around into books for homeschooling. It’s like recycling…but better! :0)


3 thoughts on “Making Money…

  1. Great idea. Didn’t even have to leave home. 🙂

  2. I stopped selling them to Half Price Books because they paid so little I felt like it was an insult to the books! I may have to try this idea; I was unfamiliar with it but sounds good.

    • Oh, I agree. I took some very popular homeschooling books into Half Price books a few weeks back and what they offered was really far below what the books were worth. I had already looked up what Amazon would offer on trade-in and mentioned that they were offering more than Half Price books when I declined their offer. The lady at the counter said she knew that.

      I only take books to Half Price Books these days when I’m looking to get rid of the or when Amazon won’t take them for trade-in.

      Definitely take a look at Amazon’s trade-in program. The most complicated part this last time was finding the right size box.