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Today was our first day of school for the week and it was one of those days.  The kind of days when my son seems to have forgotten everything.  Math took far too long – lots of staring off into space and having difficulties remembering what 7+3 is (even though he knows this).

Forget narration.  He couldn’t remember a single thing I had read to him 10 seconds after I finished reading.  As for the girls?  Boo was content with stickers, paper, and her backpack of art supplies.  Lou was beyond needy.  She’s adamant that she wants to do school, but what she really means is that she needs my undivided attention.  If I have something for her to do and I’m not involved with her every moment then she’ll just scribble a crayon across it and declare herself finished.

These are the sorts of days that no one tells you about.  The days when you wonder what on earth you were thinking.  These are the days that I reevaluate what we’ve done and what we haven’t covered in the event that my impulse to enroll them in public school wins out.

I pulled out my copy of Rebecca Rupp’s “Home Learning Year by Year” and took a walk through the different subject areas.  The big glaring hole?  Language Arts.  I should have ditched Susan Wise Bauer’s books long before I did. Ugh.


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