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The end of an era

What you see above is what was left of my cloth diapering days.  When I got pregnant with my third child (Surprise!) my middle child was still in these diapers.  I would say I made it up until my youngest was born that she wore cloth diapers.  At that point (or so) I put them both in disposables.  I had washed up the cloth diapers and put them away neatly in a storage bin thinking I might get back to them once I got my sea legs with three children.

That day never came and so they’ve sat for the better part of two years as I’ve been unwilling to let go.  I rationalized it by arguing that if we ever had some kind of major financial problem I could save quite a bit of money by putting the youngest in cloth diapers.   Except, she’s on the cusp of potty training already and let’s face it, I’ve got enough going on without washing diapers.

So, in my flurry of organizing and cleaning this weekend I decided to drag them out, give them a once over, take some pictures, and get them listed online.  I probably priced them at below what they’re worth, but I have no idea what used diapers go for these days and what I really want is for them to be gone.

I had so many offers on the diapers and covers that I had to create a waiting list in case someone backed out.  I’ve sold just about everything at this point and have made almost $70.  Not bad for a few hours of work.

I see more homeschooling books…or maybe some lumber in my future!


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