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So Long Turbo Tax

I’ve been working on my tax return and was using TurboTax as is my custom, except this time I couldn’t get the online software to update a field no matter what I did.  I figured it wasn’t a big deal, but I wanted to be sure so I contacted technical support through their online chat feature (which took me a good 10 minutes of searching just to find).

This takes forever, and by the time the representative responds to my question they begin with “Quite honestly, ma’am” and finish in a way that gives me the not so subtle impression that the customer service representative feels I am wasting their time.  I mention this to them and get a lukewarm, “Oh, no, we’re glad to answer any question you may have.”  I clarify my question and wait.  And wait.  And wait.

At this point it dawns on me, why on earth am I doing this?  Why am I waiting for someone to answer a question when they “Quite honestly, ma’am” think I’m wasting their time.  I closed the chat and signed out of TurboTax.  Being as I’m still waiting on miscellany, I decide to explore my online tax preparation options.  The cost to file both State and Federal with TurboTax?  More than $60.  The cost to file with TaxAct?  $17.95 for the same results I got with TurboTax minus the condescension.

Much like with my auto/home insurance company, I’ve elected not to stay with a company that can’t seem to find time for me.  It may not seem like a big deal to you, oh underpaid employee of the mega corporation, but seeing as I very seldom contact customer service (or in the case of my former insurance company, need to file a claim for which I am not at fault) I kind of expect that when I do, someone will be responsive to my needs.

TurboTax did send me one of those impersonal surveys asking me how I felt about my recent attempt to contact their customer service.  While I didn’t know for sure at the time that I would no longer be using TurboTax, I did let them know that I would, in not so many words, recommend them to others when hell freezes over.


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