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Apparently Senior Citizens and I Have A Lot in Common


We’ve been without a wireless contract for a number of months now as we tried to figure out exactly how Act 10 changes would impact our family.  The short story is that they have taken about $400/month from us which for our one income family isn’t something to sneeze at.

Yes, yes, generations of people have done without cell phones so the argument goes that future generations can as well.  On the other hand, as the wife of one who works, um, all the time, it’s nice to have one when the kids and I travel.  So a cell phone ranks up there as a necessity right along with the internet.

The phone we had was in serious need of retirement given that it shuts off in mid conversation and often with reckless abandon.  We elected to switch providers (up until yesterday I had been with my wireless company longer than I have known my husband) and get a new phone.

It’s been awhile since I went in and picked out a new cell phone.  Do you know how hard it is to find just a plain cell phone?  You know, ones with which you can make phone calls and keep track of phone numbers, but that’s about it?  I don’t want my phone to give me access to the internet, I’m not going to use it to listen to music, and I’m not going to send text or picture messages.  I can’t afford any of those things – the cell phone line is enough of a stretch.

There is only one phone that meets my somewhat simple criteria.  Do you know what they had listed for the big selling point of the phone on their shelf tag?

Compatible with hearing aids.


2 thoughts on “Apparently Senior Citizens and I Have A Lot in Common

  1. I had to laugh at this post. It is so true! I don’t want a phone smarter than I am! I want a phone that I can use to make phone calls and maybe send a text every now and then. It was so hard to find. You would think that the carriers would realize that more people than the elderly want a basic phone.

  2. I got my husband’s old fancy phone and I feel like i need to go to school to learn how to use it. It might be nice to take advantage of what it does, but it means dedicating a lot of time to figuring it out. So I just use it like a phone. Lots of technology is a boon but sometimes it is exhausting that it always changes forcing you to learn how to do things you thought you already had learned. (I guess this makes me sound like a crabby old lady! Oh well. )