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Dear WI GOP…


Dear Wisconsin Republican Party:

You have called me twice in the last week to ask your 30 second survey.  You wanted to know if I approved of your boy in the Governor’s Mansion, if I’d vote to recall him, and how I’ve voted in the past.

Did you really think that I’d change my mind in a few days?  Really?

For the record:

  1. STRONGLY disapprove of Scott Walker’s job performance.

  2. Would vote for anyone not a Republican and not Scott Walker in the Recall. Truly.  It would be hard to do worse than what you’re currently passing off as Republicans.  Scratch that.  Yes, it would be possible to do worse, but for the love of the goddess, the Buddha, and all that is holy, PLEASE don’t try.

  3. I used to vote Republican.  Reliably as in every election since I turned 18 and even for W.  Yes, yes, I voted for GWB not once, but twice.  I suppose they’ll be revoking my post-2008 liberal membership card any day now.

    I voted for a mixture in every election since, right up through 2008, but 2010 was the year of the big shift.  I voted across the board for Democrats because the Republicans in general, but Scott Walker and Ron Johnson in particular, showed me that  I’d have to be bat shit crazy to vote for a Republican.  And from now on?  In the state of Wisconsin, unless Dale Schultz moves to my district, you COULDN’T PAY me to vote Republican.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me


4 thoughts on “Dear WI GOP…

  1. I think Dale Schultz is pretty amazing! I can’t believe that no other Republican will stand with him. Being the second person to buck the party isn’t nearly as hard as being the lone person. Really shows you how morally bankrupt they’ve become. Sad for them and us.

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