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Laugh til the coffee comes out your nose

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I’ve spent the last few days working my way through the archives over at The Food Whore. The blog of a caterer/chef who was funny as hell. She stopped blogging in 2009 – which makes the fact that I just read the last published entry and that I missed it the first time around bittersweet.

It’s the first time coffee has ever come out my nose. It’s been a welcome distraction from the screeching, fighting over the bathroom, hitting each other with sticks, and writing all over the wall that is my life. In case it’s not clear, none of the things I just described were done by the adults in this house.

Oh, the joy!


One thought on “Laugh til the coffee comes out your nose

  1. I am laughing at the image of you laughing til the coffee came out of your nose! Just don’t let the kids see you do that . . .