Under the Maple Canopy

Singing Union Songs Since 2009


In all our years of marriage aside from trips paid in part by parents or those to see the in-laws, we’ve mostly stuck by home.  We’ve never had the disposable income necessary for such things.  Now, being a public employee family this holds doubly true.  There’s an ever-expanding pie calling for our shrinking income and frankly?  It’s a bit of a juggling act.

We’ve been creative in how we’ve paid for things (hint – sometimes the trip to the in-laws goes on the credit cards).  Sometimes we’ve just been amazingly lucky to be the recipients of someone else’s generosity.  If you asked me how things would look this far out in my marriage and in the life of our family back at the beginning, I would have had a far rosier picture.

Still, my husband had the last ten days off work (a rarity) and we went on a short trip to the Dells as a tagalong for my “union boss” father’s convention.  You know those “union bosses” Scott Walker talks about?  That’s my Dad – the former career public employee (my husband is also the son of career public employees) turned Business Agent making far less than any of the folks that got merit raises from Scott.  Did I mention he’s taking a cut in pay this year, too?

I digress.

All that time off with Daddy plus a few late nights the last few days have made for very emotionally fragile children as they cope with the letdown that comes with the shift back to normal life.

We sat at the table and had dinner together.  Dad put the kids to bed.  Mostly?  We lived life like I imagine so many other families do.  It was nice.  While I’m not reduced to tears and fits like the kids, I understand their disappointment in the letdown.

It’s tough to switch gears back into life.


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