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Why my Mac/iPad Continue to Make My Life Easier

I have more books than I can count.  Between the books for the kids (oodles), the books for me, and the books for homeschooling, I have a hard time keeping track of it all.  I needed some way of managing my library and I wanted it available offline so that I could take my WiFi only iPad into Half Price Books with me and know whether or not I had the book at home.

Enter Bookpedia and Pocketpedia3.  For very little money ($18.99 on my Mac mini and $3.99 on my iPad) I have a highly usable way to not only keep track of my library, but also maintain my homeschool book wishlist.  In only a few seconds I was able to import my limited library from LibraryThing (~196 books) to Bookpedia.  I spent about an hour updating the records from the various databases Bookpedia searches, set up smart libraries, and add tags.

Not more than few seconds later, with both my Mac and iPad connected to our WiFi network I was able to sync the two libraries.  Now I’ll never have to pass up on a deal at Half Price Books because I think I already own it.

So easy.  So worth it.


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