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Flowers in My Window


I’ve always wanted a window over my kitchen sink and for much of my adult life I’ve gone without.  When we bought this house, while sad to be giving up what I loved about the other house, this kitchen window was a big selling point.  I’m a daylight and fresh air junky, what can I say?

The little pitcher I got from Goodwill on Mother’s Day.  I love the hobnail pattern along the top and bottom edge.  It would be a perfect little creamer, but even more special sitting on the ledge with flowers from the grocery store.  The little bud vase is from a four pack I got at Target and is filled with the flowers here and there that my daughter brings me from the yard.  Most “bud vases” they sell are much too large for the small sprigs she brings me.  The ones from Target, though, are just right.

An altar in the kitchen filled with love offerings – tiny tokens to remind us of the turning wheel of the seasons.

Plus?  It’s pretty.  I suppose you don’t need much more reason than that.


4 thoughts on “Flowers in My Window

  1. Your photo is so beautiful. Those photography classes have made your photography talents even more amazing. Take some photos for me.

    • Thanks! :0) It should be noted that I say so with a slightly wry smile because I see all of the things I wish I had overcome better in the picture so it’s nice to be reminded of how other people see it.

  2. Kitchen sink windows make me happy too… Lovely photo- thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂